Prince of Persia Game 2021 Free Download for windows 10, 8.1, 7

Prince of Persia Game Free Download: It is a mobile version of the unique platform game with refurbished modern-day graphics. Your mission in Prince of Persia Game for Pc is to traverse your way from side to side the echoing levels, solving puzzles and defeating foes in order to rescue the princess, who has been enslaved in a tower by the evil king.

Prince of Persia Game 2021 Free Download

Prince of Persia plays out just the same as the original platform game. This means that it is a highly enjoyable adventure that you’ll be playing for some time. In the full version of Prince of Persia there are three game modes involved: standard, scheduled, and survival.

Prince of Persia Game Free Download for windows

Prince of Persia Game for Pc

The latter is a real test even for skilled gamers, because you are given only 30 proceedings and just one life in order to save the princess. This free version of Prince of Persia Classic permits you to play just in normal mode and has an incomplete number of levels.

Graphics in Prince of Persia | Prince of Persia game download for pc setup

Prince of persia game download for pc windows 10 that’s graphics are a noteworthy improvement on the original DOS version of the game, showing you how far betting have come in the last few years. Vibrancy is slick, upbringings are detailed and the physics are better. Get Delta force game


Prince of Persia game free download for pc in which The televised controls in Prince of Persia feature a steering pad and three action buttons for running, jumping and stooping. We found the controls to be a little imprecise at times, and this is the obvious drawback the mobile version of Prince of Persia Classic has over the original, joystick-based game.

Prince of Persia Classic is a lovingly fashioned recreation of a classic podium adventure game, which will keep you occupied for hours. The Prince’s normal skills combine with magic powers to create an action-packed adventure: gravity-defying gymnastics, crazy combo struggling moves and the aptitude to shape time.

Background Description of Game:

The Sands of Time takes place in antique Persia, the cradle of some of this world’s largest and most enigmatic kingdoms. There was once a king who, together with his son, defied the powerful Maharaja, snatching the Princess and blocking the Maharaja’s palace, construction off with many of his precious treasures.

Among these treasures were a bizarre hourglass and an enigmatic dagger. What the young Prince didn’t know was that those two matters could make an immortal god of their owner, who would even be able to regulator the time. You might also Like to get GTA Vice City Free Download.

The Prince, tricked by an evil vizier who wanted to giveaway his magic power, frees the sands of time, and in doing so he destroys his own kingdom, turning all of its residents into terrible sand monsters. Only the Prince u, the Princess Farah and the Vizier are saved from the annihilation, and now the time has come for the Prince to repair the damage he has inflicted upon his kingdom, and to find his own improvement.


  • Realistic
  • Heightened graphics
  • Countless fun to play
  • Other games also available like solving puzzles


  • Controls can be inaccurate sometimes
  • Can hang the device

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Window XP | Window 7 | Window 8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo@1.8 GHz
  • Ram:2096 MB ( 2 GB )
  • Graphic Card / VideoMemory: 256 MB with Nvidia Geforce 8600
  • Hard Disk Space:5 Gb Free


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