Download Google Chrome Portable 68.0.3440.106 / 69.0.3497.42

Download Google Chrome Portable free for your system from here because this platform provides the advance chrome portable browser. This is compatible for both 32 bits and chrome portable 64.

Google Chrome Portable Download Overview

Chrome Portable Browser is the best browser which many people use for the browsing. The browsing speed as compare to the other browser is very fast. At the same time you can complete different task because you can open many tabs in this browser and through every tab you can do the different work. If you want to ensure that your data save from virus then this browser is the best option for you.Download Google Chrome Portable

When you browse the data then this browser block the virus and only allow the data for browsing. Because of the simplicity of the interface of this browse people like this browser very much and use this software as a first priority. Professional as well as new user can easily use this browser for their work. this is considered as the PortableApps browser as compared to other competitors like Opera Portable, IE explorer etc.

There is the automatic updater in portable apps chrome from which you can update your browser if there is the advance of this browser launch in the market. this browser supports multiple languages so if any user which has the interest to operate this browser in any other language can change the language of this browser in the single click.

Chrome Portable apps as compared to other apps.

as compared to other apps chrome portable apps has the best result for its users due to which users take this app as a first priority. the number of users of the chrome portable increases in greater number daily.

How to Download Chrome Portable Browser

You can download this browser just in the single click. at the bottom of this article there is the download button from which you can download this browser in the few second and the give it the direction in your system you can install this browser.

System Requirement Chrome Portable Browser

  1. Very less memory require to download this browser.
  2. Compatible for windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, etc.
  3. Very less hard disk space occupied by this browser.





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