Bluetooth Driver Installer 2021 Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

Bluetooth Driver Installer Free Download: Easily transfer files between your PC and a device with Bluetooth by installing the appropriate driver provided by this application. Nowadays, with the help of various devices, any type of file can be easily wireless Bluetooth Driver Installer is a trusted application intended to place Bluetooth devices on your computer by automatically identifying and installing Microsoft compatible drivers. Here you can get hp laptop Bluetooth driver download Windows 7 or dell driver Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Driver Installer 2021 Free Download

  • Easy sharing

The latest version of Driver Installer detects all  Bluetooth devices that are wider than your phone or computer by default. So it allows you to connect and share files with a single click of a button.

The downside to this partnership is that your device also becomes detectable. Fortunately, the Bluetooth driver installer windows 7 can prevent this by changing your network settings with minimal interference with your device’s functions.

Bluetooth Driver Installer Free Download

How to use Bluetooth Driver Installer

To use BDI, you need to uninstall the previous driver. At the end of a successful operation, it gives you a detailed report of the adapter model, the manufacturer, and the problem that has occurred. The whole process lasts a few minutes.

The Bluetooth Driver Installer installs the right drivers to resolve all Bluetooth related issues, protecting you from the inconvenience of unrecognized devices. Once you have installed this app, wireless transfer is impossible and easy.

  • Uninstalling drivers

Uninstalling drivers is a difficult part of the process, and it’s still not that difficult. This is the required step to install the Bluetooth Driver Installer. You need to navigate to your device manager through the Windows Start menu. Then, right click on the device you want and click “Uninstall”. That’s all there is to it.

  • Ensures a proper functioning of your Bluetooth device

If Windows ever fails to detect your Bluetooth adapter or triggers errors while exploring it, you know how frustrating it can be to find a solution to the problem. Most commonly, the problem is probably due to the wrong behavior of the WinDir% \ inf \ bth.inf file.

Regardless of the cause of this particular system file being corrupted, the Bluetooth Driver Installer will patch it, repairing errors that prevent the device from being successfully installed. Another situation to use is the Bluetooth Driver Installer, when you cannot find the driver that is suitable for the adapter.

This program automatically detects your device and installs a custom distribution that allows you to use it correctly. You will find The interface of driver is Bluetooth windows 10 is user-friendly.

  • Quick and easy to use

The Bluetooth Driver Installer is easy to operate, as all user efforts are reduced to navigating through the wizard that detects your hardware and performs the necessary driver installations. Successful operation always ends with a detailed report on equipment design, manufacturer and mitigation.

The entire process should not take more than a few minutes and the impact on system resources is minimal. During our tests, we were able to successfully install our adapter, even though it was not listed on the developer’s compatibility page. It comes in a lightweight package, so you can store it on a USB flash drive, among other devices.


In conclusion, the Bluetooth Driver Installer is an excellent Bluetooth companion. It will repair adapter-related issues or install device drivers, but first, create a restore point. You can now guarantee that files are securely transferred between your PC and a device with Bluetooth.

How to Download and Install Bluetooth installer for pc windows 7,8,10


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